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Startup and delivery.

You can send us爌rint-ready爁iles if you wish, or we are able to produce drawings from爕our爄deas, logos, sketches, etc.燘efore production, a final爏ketch will be sent to you for your approval.

File formats.
The most important aspects are the file resolution (number of pixels) and the colour separation. Files with high resolution and燼爏harp燾olour爏eparation爂ives the best爀nd result.燱e are able to use爉ost爄mage files but recommend conversion to PDF爁ormat.燛PS files燼re爌referred.

Offers and prices.
Prices爓ill be爂iven爄n writing.燦on-recurring costs such as drawing, film prints, special爐ooling costs, etc will燼lways be listed separately in our爋ffer.

Delivery times.
Normal燿elivery time爄s񁸮爓eeks from爐he燼pproved desktop design.



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